Strain Sensing in Composites Using Aligned Carbon Nanotube Sheets

This research introduces a novel technique for embedding aligned sheets of two millimeters long, interconnected CNTs into the interlaminar region of composite structures. The potential of these embedded CNT sheets to function as damage detecting and strain sensing… Read More

Radial Growth of MWCNT in Aligned Sheets through Cyclic Carbon Deposition

Carbon coated aligned multi-walled carbon nanotube (AMWCNT/C) sheets were used for studying the controlled radial growth of MWCNTs. Pyrolytic carbon (PyC) was deposited on the surface of nanotubes using multiple cycles of chemical vapor infiltration. Morphological and structural… Read More

Ultralight Interconnected Metal Oxide Nanotube Networks

Record-breaking ultralow density aluminum oxide structures are prepared using a novel templating technique. The alumina structures are unique in that they are comprised by highly aligned and interconnected nanotubes yielding anisotropic behavior. Large-scale network structures with complex form-factors can… Read More

High Performance Carbon Nanotube – Polymer Nanofiber Hybrid Fabrics

Stable nanoscale hybrid fabrics containing both polymer nanofibers and separate and distinct carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are highly desirable but very challenging to produce. Here, we report the first instance of such a hybrid fabric, which can be easily tailored to… Read More

Ultralight Anisotropic Foams From Layered Aligned Carbon Nanotube Sheets

In this work, we present large scale, ultralight aligned carbon nanotube (CNT) structures which have densities an order of magnitude lower than CNT arrays, have tunable properties and exhibit resiliency after compression. By stacking aligned sheets of carbon nanotubes and… Read More

Carbon Nanotube Sheet Piezoresistive Strain Sensors

Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) have a unique set of properties that may be useful in the production of next generation structural health monitoring composites. This research introduces a novel CNT based material system for strain and damage sensing applications. An aligned… Read More

Structural Annealing of Carbon Coated Aligned Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube Sheets

Sheets of aligned multi-walled carbon nanotubes (AMWCNTs) were used to study the structural annealing of pyrolytic carbon (PyC) coatings with various thicknesses on MWCNTs. PyC was deposited using chemical vapor infiltration and the thickness was controlled via the… Read More

Conformal Atomic Layer Deposition of Alumina on Millimeter Tall, Vertically-aligned Carbon Nanotube Arrays

Atomic layer deposition (ALD) can be used to coat high aspect ratio and high surface area substrates with conformal and precisely controlled thin films. Vertically aligned arrays of multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) with lengths up to 1.5 mm… Read More

Aligned Carbon Nanotube Sheet High Efficiency Particulate Air Filters

Aerosol filters, made with conventional micro-fiber fabrics, are designed to efficiently capture small particles from the air. Filters constructed of nano-fiber fabric structures provide even greater filtration efficiency than conventional micro-fiber fabrics due to their higher surface area… Read More

Dr. Bradford named Outstanding Teacher

Dr. Philip Bradford was selected as the Outstanding Teacher from the Wilson College of Textiles for the  2013-2014 academic year.