Aligned Carbon Nanotube Sheet High Efficiency Particulate Air Filters

Aerosol filters, made with conventional micro-fiber fabrics, are designed to efficiently capture small particles from the air. Filters constructed of nano-fiber fabric structures provide even greater filtration efficiency than conventional micro-fiber fabrics due to their higher surface area and smaller pore size. Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are very small diameter fibers that have the potential to be integrated into filters to further increase particle capture efficiency. In this study, CNT sheets, drawn from millimeter tall CNT arrays, were integrated between traditional micro-fiber fabrics to produce aerosol filters. The filtration performance of the novel filters showed that when the number of CNTs layers increased, the filtration efficiency increased dramatically, while the pressure drop also increased. In order to meet high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter requirements with a reasonable pressure drop, CNTs were laid in a cross-plied structure within the filter. The results demonstrated that the three layer cross-ply structure provided 99.98% filtration efficiency at 0.3 µm particle size at a 10 cm/s face velocity, making it a viable method for producing low basis weight HEPA filters utilizing CNTs as the main filtration component.    Read the Full Paper