Prof. Philip Bradford

Dr. Bradford is a Professor in the Department of Textile Engineering, Chemistry and Science at North Carolina State University and a leading influencer in the Home DIY space on Instagram as @Philip_or_flop. With a PhD degree in Materials Science and Engineering (NCSU-2010),  and MS and BS degrees in Textiles Engineering (NCSU-2007,2005), his current research interest focuses on spanning these two disciplines in the area of carbon nanotubes. His research group starts with the synthesis of ultra-high aspect ratio carbon nanotube arrays and is developing new techniques to process these carbon nanotubes into structures resembling traditional textiles.


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Dr. Bradford currently teaches the following courses:

TE105 – Textile Engineering: Materials and Systems

E101 – Introduction to Engineering & Problem Solving

TE565 – Textile Composites

TE589 – Composite Materials Processing